Colombia EL Diviso Ombligon 250g
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Colombia EL Diviso Ombligon 250g


This coffee by Nestor Lasso, Colombia, has been a coffee, that we’ve truly been ecstatic to release:

Five years ago, Nestor and Adrian Lasso, joined by Jhoan Vergara, formed El Diviso in Colombia’s Huila region, focusing on specialty coffee. Their partnership with CATA Export led to remarkable coffee lots and success in European barista competitions. Nestor, growing up near Pitalito, developed a passion for coffee despite its economic challenges.

Specialty coffee’s potential for growth and knowledge enhancement captivated him. Cat and Pierre’s (CATA) guidance, along with Colombia’s SENA program, provided crucial theoretical education. Yet, real expertise comes from hands-on experience. Nestor highlights the importance of sensory evaluation and cupping in quality control and process refinement.

He also observes a shift in Colombia’s coffee culture, with more people appreciating specialty coffee’s nobility. Nestor and El Diviso represent the changing landscape of coffee farming, driven by passion and dedication to the specialty coffee industry.

The following carefully designed process was used for this lot:

  • Cherries are hand picked, selecting only the ripest ones
  • Cherries are rested for 16 hours at room temperature between 22 and 30°C
  • The coffee is fermented anoxically in sealed plastic tanks for 38 hours between 16 and 18°C
  • The cherries are transferred to pulping tanks and left to oxidate for 6 hours and the mosto, or must, from the fermentation is collected
  • The cherries are pulped to remove the seed and then the seeds and sticky mucilage are left to oxidize for 6 hours
  • The coffee is then submerged in water mixed with the must collected previously, and left to ferment for 24 hours at a temperature of 32°C
  • The microbial activity is halted using a thermal shock, washing in hot water at 65-70°C and then in cold water at 15-16°C
  • Drying is conducted under shade with a controlled temperature of 30°C for 18-24 days until a moisture content of 11% is achieved


Flavor Profile: strawberry gummy, blackcurrant, cherry, winey, brown sugar

  • SCA 88
  • Process: thermal shock, natural
  • Arabica varietal: Ombligon
  • Altitude: 1800 meters
  • Region: Huila
  • Farm/Producer: El Diviso/Nestor Lasso
  • Size: whole beans, 250g


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