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Roastberry has one of the biggest specialty tea portfolios in Portugal. Our team selected the best varieties from all over the world, offering you the finest selection of tea leaves.

We sell only top quality teas – a loose leaf with high tips concentration (GFOP, TGFOP, STGFOP).

Our experience in international logistics, knowledge and direct purchases from major suppliers allows RoastBerry to provide elite tea at an adequate price.


All our teas are grown in harmony with environment, using native vegetation and preserving balance of wildlife ecosystem.


No pesticides, no synthetic fertilizers. Utilization of traditional techniques only to maintain clean tea and sustainable fields.

Direct & fair

Direct trades with small estates, immediate and sustainable support for them.

Best taste

Carefully selected, finest and freshest specialty teas from all over the world.

Specialty tea services:

Specialty tea
  • concept of tea menu, focusing on the needs of your business
  • tea sets and accessories
  • reliable equipment for brewing the perfect tea
  • regular supplies of tea and tea equipment

Check our specialty coffee roasters department.

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